Monday, September 8, 2014


Oh you are soooo going to love this update!  Ever thought to yourself...self (or whatever you call yourself) I really need one more day to scrapbook.

Well that thought is going to be a reality!!  Through some fancy talking with the camp (ok I just really asked in a nice voice) I was able to open the retreat up on Thursday, November 6, 2014!!  How awesome is that?  

WHEN:  November 6
TIME:  4:00 pm
FEE:  $80 per room
INCLUDES:  Sleeping room and scrapbooking space.  No pop, no food.
PAYMENT:  Use the buttons to the right for payment.  If you plan to come on Thursday just let me know so I can save a room and add you to the list.  Have a check ready AT THE CAMP for $40 or $80, depending upon your situation.  Adding additional buttons to accommodate all the payment choices was mind boggling!  So I'm keeping it simple.

Pay $119 if you placed a deposit last year.  Pay $144 to pay in full right now.  If you want to come on Thursday have a check ready for me at the camp for $40 or $80.  It's that easy.

The camp charges me based upon how many rooms we use.  It is $80 for a room.  If there are two people sharing a room it will only be $40 per person for a entire extra day of scrapbooking!  If your roommate can't come on Thursday then you will need to pay the entire $80 room fee OR find a friend to share a room with.  I can post a list of people needing roommates and then we can work out sleeping arrangements if necessary.

Can't make it an extra day?  Not a problem!  Just plan to arrive on Friday and scrapbook as usual.  We will be able to get in early on Friday so you won't have to wait until 2:00 pm to arrive and get set-up.

Questions?  Just let me know!


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