Thursday, June 30, 2016


Get ready...get set...register!

1.  Select which type of room you would like...QUAD, TRIPLE, DOUBLE, SINGLE.

Please keep in mind that there are only double beds in each room.  Our coordinator, Susan, said she does have groups that opt to sleep four people per room.  You better REALLY like your bunk mate 'cause that's some close sleeping quarters!  But if the budget is tight then this is a great option for a group.

2.  Select which type of payment best fits you!!  If you paid a deposit then pick PAY IN FULL REMAINING.

Need to split your payments?  Then pick PAY HALF.  There is an extra $5 per transaction added to the Pay Half payments.  First half of the payment holds your spot and the second half of the payments will be due September 1.

If you plan to have a room-mate (Quad, Triple or Double) please email me with your choice.  The hotel requires that I have detailed lists of where everyone will be sleeping and who will be in each room.

If you do not have a room-mate but would like one I can put you on a list.  There is no guarantee that I will be able to find you a room-mate, but I'll do my best!  If I can't find a room-mate you will need to pay for a SINGLE room.

I will be monitoring registrations and once we reach 35 guests registration will close.  I will put any remaining guests on a waiting list.

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