Monday, August 17, 2015


Post cards are heading out in the next few days and sign up can begin immediately!

For this retreat we are headed back to Epworth Forest Conference Center in North Webster, IN. There are a few changes to our normal routine so heads up and make sure you read it all!

We will be staying in Freeland House which is a hotel style facility.  There will be private rooms with either a queen size bed or 2 twin beds.  16 of the rooms have twin beds and 8 of the rooms have a queen size bed.  I will be filling the rooms on a first come/first serve basis.  Just let me know your room-mates name and if you would like a queen or twin beds.   Each room has a private bathroom with linen and towels included.  Four of the rooms are handicap accessible on the first floor.   There is also a beautiful lobby/lounge area on each floor completely with couches, fireplace and beautiful views of the lake.

Our scrapbooking and dining hall are located in the basement/lower level of Freeland House.  I believe there were 12-15 steps to get down to the lower level.  There is a parking lot behind the building that has drive-up access to our scrapbooking room.  So you will be able to easily unload/load your scrapbooking supplies without using the stairs.  There are windows on three walls of the scrapbooking room but the majority of our light will be from overhead lighting.   I believe we can get 32 tables into this room for scrapbooking.  I can fit another 6-8 tables in the lobby/lounge area as over-flow seating.  That means I'm going to have to limit this retreat to the first 40 guests.

This years retreat registration will provide:
1 6ft scrapbooking table and comfy chair
Private room with linens--room shared with a friend (leave your sleeping bags at home!)
Private bathroom with towels
(Completely private rooms based on availability)
3 Catered in meals--Friday supper, Saturday supper, Sunday brunch--Plus light breakfast on Saturday
Unlimited fountain pop and coffee/tea/hot chocolate/water

All this is included for $150 per person based upon double occupancy! 

Need or want a private room?  Not a problem!  I have a limited number of rooms reserved as private on a first come first serve basis.  Single rooms are $219 Friday - Sunday and $289 Thursday - Sunday.

What about just coming for the day?  Yep, I've got that available as well!  Just contact me for registration fees and information.

The camp has some strict rules about bringing food into the building.  We are allowed to bring snacks but there is NO refrigerator available.  If you want to bring a crock-pot they require that it only be turned on for 4 hours and it must have a thermometer in the food during those 4 hours.  AND I can only allow 2 crock-pots for our entire group.   But aside from those rules we will be able to have our traditional snack table and  feast all weekend long.  (I think coolers would be fine and it will probably be cold enough in your car to keep cheese and fruit/veggies cold

Our meals this weekend will include:
Friday night--Pizza from Bourbon Street Pizza
Saturday breakfast--light breakfast of muffins, yogurt, bagels, fruit, etc
Saturday Night--Catered full meal from Channel Marker Restaurant
Sunday Brunch--Catered full meal from Channel Marker Restaurant

I decided to out-source our meals for this retreat instead of using the camp's facilities.  I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the meals and when I saw the price increase I knew we could do better!  Now instead of only providing 2 meals you will receive 3 full meals plus a light breakfast--all for the same price that the camp was charging us for 2 meals.  I'm hoping that the new options will be enjoyable and refreshing to everyone.

We can get into Freeland House on Friday the 13th at 2:00 pm.  The retreat will end on the 15th at 2:00 pm. Registration for Early-bird pricing will be open until September 25, 2015.  After September 25th please add a $10 late fee.  There are several deposits that have to be made for the camp and the caterer so on-time fees are greatly appreciated!

Need an extra day for scrapbooking?  Then plan to come on Thursday night!  The camp has requested that we arrive around 4:00 pm on Thursday, November 12th.  No meals or free pop will be provided this day.  In order to keep costs low you will be required to have a room-mate or pay the full cost of the room.  Each room is $ $40 extra per person.  I can help find roommates if your scrapbooking buddy can't arrive on Thursday.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Retreat fees will be refunded in full, minus a $25 deposit fee, until October 10, 2015. Registrations cancelled after October 10th will not be reimbursed.  I cannot forward deposit fees to future retreats.

I now offer credit card payments through Paypal!  Doesn't get any easier than that.  Just click the payment option on the right and you are all set.  You will only be able to pay in full with a credit card.  No deposits will be accepted by credit card.  This year I am requesting that everyone pay with the Paypal option.  For my record keeping purposes it is SO much easier to just accept credit payments.  IF you are completely opposed to using this service please contact me and we can work something out!

Please note that there are several options when it comes to registering!  If you put down deposits last Fall then you will be paying less for this retreat.  I will list everyone that paid deposits in a second post.

I will be mailing out postcard reminders again this summer.  Feel free to pass the information along to friends and family.  I also have a Facebook Group list which gives you quick access to information.  (Retreat Lady Scrapbooking Retreats.)

There will be no product sales at this retreat!  Please stock-up at your favorite store before coming for the weekend.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Epworth Forest
8580 E. Wesley Ln
North Webster, IN 46555

45 minutes west of Ft Wayne and 1 hr 15 minutes from South Bend
Camp has wireless internet and cell phone coverage

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