Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last Minute Retreat News and Roomies

Two weeks!!  That's all the time that is left before Spring Retreat 2014 is here.

Here is my first attempt at room-mate assignments.  Please let me know if something needs to be changed. The camp will be using 3 of the downstairs bedrooms for a Pastor's conference, so we will have mixed company on the floor.  Once you arrive at camp I will give you your assigned room number and the key to the room.

1st Floor
Marie & Sandy
Karen & Heather
Bobbie & Judy
Lureen & Leona
Jinger & Abbey

2nd Floor
Mary Ann
Lori G. & Stacey
Melissa & Kristine
Tiffany W & Tammy
Alison & Tiffany F
Lori H & Cindy
Stephanie & Tina
Becca & Donna
Gail & DeeAnne
Lucy & Kyndra

The camp will provide bed linens, pillows, two sets of towels per room and a bar of soap!

You can begin arriving at the camp at 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon.  The parking lot is located in the rear of the building as well as the entrance to our scrapbooking room.  Please plan to unload everything at this door.  I will try to get a map of the campus uploaded before the retreat.  The entrance to the camp has been moved and was a little confusing last fall.

Friday supper will be on your own.  There are quite a few local restaurants to chose from which are only 5 minutes away from camp.

The camp will be providing Saturday breakfast, Saturday supper and Sunday brunch.  Fountain drinks, water, coffee and tea will also be available for the entire weekend.

Snacks are welcomed and appreciated.  Remember that there is no refrigerator available to keep things cold. The camp is also extremely picky about crockpots, something about needing proper temps, only running for 4 hours, blah, blah, blah...I lost interested.  So basically forget snacks that require a crock pot!

Music...the camp has a sound system that I'm allowed to use!  I will accept any suggestions for music (except for Rap...that is just noise and not music) to put into a play list.  If you do not give me suggestions it will be my pick!  So send some titles/artists my way.  PLEASE DO NOT PLAY MOVIES, MUSIC OR SKYPE without the use of  personal headphones.

The camp has a very strict policy on alcohol, drug and cigarette usage on campus.  NONE of them are allowed.  If they even find use of these products in the trash cans (empty wine bottles or cigarette remains) I will be fined $250 for cleaning and an extra $100 for the violation.  That means I will be passing along those lovely costs to YOU!  So leave the treats at home..

I will have scrapbooking supplies on hand from Close To My Heart.  If you need something specific please let me know ahead of time.


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