Monday, November 4, 2013


The time has come for the 2013 Fall Retreat!  Here are the last minute details and a few rules thrown in for good measure.  (and because the camp is making me say most of them!)

~  You may arrive at the camp starting at 2:00 pm on Friday, November 8.  

~  If you park in the front of Freeland House you walk directly into the lounge area.  I will have room assignments posted so you can unload your suitcases.  You may also unload your scrapbooking items at this point if you want.  Scrapbooking items will need to be taken downstairs to the basement.  OR you may drive around to the back of the building and unload your scrapbooking items at the back door.  

~ Friday supper will be on your own.  There are several restaurants and a grocery store in town (only a quick 4 minutes away).

~  Snacks are welcome and I will plan to have a snack table available for the weekend.  Just keep in mind that there will not be a refrigerator available for our use.  Crock-pots are also considered tools of the devil and are only allowed if they contain a thermometer, the temps are maintained properly and are left on no longer than 4 hours...who does all of that?    If you bring dishes you cannot wash them in the bathroom sinks. Plan to wash them at home.

~ Music...please bring your own headphones if you are wanting to listen to music.  I might try to play a mix tape (ha!) from Grooveshark or Spotify once or twice during the weekend and see how it goes.  I know some people enjoy quiet and others enjoy music.  So we'll try it this weekend and see the response.

~ Don't forget to bring your PHOTOS, scrapbooking supplies, personal care items, extension cord and possibly a desk lamp.  I don't know the lighting situation in the scrapbooking room so it's better to be prepared.  There are small windows on 3 sides of the room and regular florescent lighting above.

~ The camp will provide pillows, bed lines and towels.  There will be one set of towels per person, per room.

~ The camp has a very strict policy on alcohol, drug and cigarette usage on the campus.  Basically NONE of them are allowed.  If they even find use of these products in the trash can (empty wine bottles or cigarette remains) I will be fined an extra $250 for cleaning and an extra $100 for the violation.

I think that about covers all the "rules"!  I will have a limited supply of Close To My Heart products available for purchase at the retreat.  Remember that the purchase of these products is what helps me to keep the retreats costs low!

Any questions?  Feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help you out!  See you this weekend.


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