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Welcome!  Here is the general information for the 2012 Fall Scrapbooking Retreat!  I will post updates and new information here so check back often.  There are a few changes from last year such as fees and potluck night.  As of July 2012 I only have 10 spots open.  Most opening are in the DRC but I might be able to fill a few spots in the Semi-private rooms of the Lodge.  Currently all private rooms are full.

This fall we are back at Camp Lutherhaven in Albion, IN. Our retreat will be held at the Daniel Retreat Center which is a new building built in 2002. The facility contains 5 bedrooms that house 6-8 people in each room. Community bathrooms with showers, a kitchen and a small game room are all included on the lower level. All rooms include heat, electricity, a window and carpeting. NO LINENS WILL BE PROVIDED IN THE DRC. Selecting to stay at the DRC means you will eat, sleep and scrapbook all in the same building.

Additional lodging is available in the Lodge. The Lodge contains eight private rooms with either a double and a bunk, a double or 2 bunks. Includes private sink, mirror and all linens. There are 2 community bathrooms with showers. Selecting to stay at the Lodge means you will need to take a short walk to eat and scrapbook. Due to space issues private rooms will be booked completely unless you choose to pay for a single room rate.

The retreat will begin on Friday, November 9th no earlier than 12:00 pm!  We will end the retreat on Sunday at 6:00 pm. You will be served 4 home-cooked meals by Chef Heather!  (Two on Saturday and Two on Sunday) If you have special diet needs please email me so I can try to adjust the menu accordingly.  We can't work miracles but I will do my best to accommodate your needs.  

THERE WILL NOT BE WATER, POP OR BEVERAGES PROVIDED THIS YEAR AT THE RETREAT!  Beverages will be served with meals but no extras will be provided.  Please plan to provide your own drinks and coolers.  There is NO space available in the refrigerators for food, beverages or snacks.   There will be an exception made for special dietary needs and medications.  We are cooking REAL food for 50 people which leaves very little space for anything extra!

The potluck last year was a great success...almost too great!  You ladies certainly can cook up a great potluck meal.  This year we will adjust and modify so as not to have 20 crockpots!  Friday night will still be potluck night.   I will post how many crockpot meals, side dishes and desserts we will be needing.  Just contact me with the entree you are interested in bringing!  This will all be done on a first come first serve basis and I will post the list when we get all registrations in.  All leftovers will need to be repackaged by the owners and put into a cooler or outside.  There will be no space in the refrigerators for leftovers.

PRE-REGISTERED GUESTS:  Those of you who pre-registered last fall can deduct $25 from your registration totals:
Sandy S
Sharleen E
Marie O
Brittani M
Angel J
Crystal W
Katie S
Tina R
Kyndra L
Karen F
Tammy B
Leona W
Susanne N
Stephanie B
Lucy S
Nicole G
Mary Ann M
Monica C
Marla B
DeeAnne L
Karen G
Bethany M
Jane C
Alisa B
Marlene S
Christy G
Lureen V
Lori M
Krissy L

Heather S
Bobbie F
Jessica P

MASSAGES: Personal massages will be offered again this year!  I will be having two ladies doing massages so that everyone that signs up will get their massage and we won't miss anyone.  If you want a massage please indicate it on a piece of paper when you mail in your registration fee.  DO NOT MAIL YOUR MASSAGE MONEY TO ME!  Massage money will be given to the therapist at the time of the massage.  

DANIEL RETREAT CENTER: Sleep, eat, shower and scrapbook all in the same building. Includes 4 home-cooked meals, 8 foot table space and entrance into prize drawings. 130.00

LODGE SEMI-PRIVATE ROOMS: Sleep in a semi-private room with linens provided. You will be sharing a room with up to 3 people. Short walk to meals and scrapbooking. Includes 4 meals, 8 foot table space and entrance into prize drawings. 140.00

LODGE PRIVATE ROOMS: Sleep in a private room with linens provided. There are only two of these rooms available. Short walk to meals and scrapbooking. Includes 4 meals, 8 foot table space and entrance into prize drawings. 150.00

BLUE RIDGE CABINS: Are you here to scrapbook and not sleep? Rather have a massage then a bathroom across the hall? Then the cabins are perfect for your stay! Each cabin is heated and has electricity but no bathrooms or running water. 10 people sleep in each cabin and the cabins are spacious.  Short walk to meals, bathrooms and scrapbooking.  Includes 4 meals, 8 foot table and entrance into prize drawings.  95.00

Can't attend the whole weekend? Come and scrapbook for the day! $30 gets you a whole day of scrapbooking and access to all meals provided that day.

~Wireless "G" network access will be available at the camp for free.
~Snacks are welcomed and encouraged! 
~Bring a friend.
~Prize drawings will be offered for the weekend.
~Registration opens as soon as you get your post card.
~Smile, the retreat will be here before you know it.
~Early bird registration ends SEPTEMBER 10, 2012. That means I need a post-mark on the envelope to say SEPTEMBER 10 or it will be counted as late.  I know this is earlier than normal but I will be on maternity leave in early October and do not want to deal with registrations!!
~All registrations post-marked after SEPTEMBER 10 will need to add a $10 late fee. 
~If you cancel by November 1st I will refund your registration completely, minus a $25 processing fee. Any cancelations after November 1st will forfeit your registration unless you can find someone else to fill your spot. IF you get sick the weekend of the retreat--please do not come! I will work out a deal with you that is fair to both of us.
~All deposits from last fall are NON-REFUNDABLE if you find you are unable to attend!

Well that's it for now. I hope everyone is able to make it to the Fall Retreat. I'm excited to get to see everyone again and see what you've been up to this past year!

From Michigan: Take HWY 31 S to SR 6 just past LaPaz, IN. Turn left onto SR6 and go east until you get to HWY 33 S. Turn right on US 33 and go southeast to Wolf Lake. Just south of Wolf Lake turn left at Wolf Lake Rd. At CR 100 S turn right and at CR 150 W turn right and follow into Lutherhaven.

FROM FT WAYNE: Take US 33 northwest to HWY 9. Go north (right) to CR 200 S--turn left, at CR 50 W turn right, at CR 100 S turn left, and at CR 150 W turn left and follow into Lutherhaven.

FROM THE NORTHEAST (OHIO): Take i-80/90, US 6 or HWY 8 West to HWY 9. Go south (left) to CR 75 S turn right, at CR 50W turn left, at CR 100 S turn right and at CR 150 W turn left and follow into Lutherhaven.

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