Saturday, October 15, 2011

Registered Guests

Here is a quick list of all registered guests for the retreat.  Your checks have been received and you are all set!  The retreat is completely full at this point with 46 registered guests.  (If you still need to send in your registration fee and have spoken to me this past week you are still safe and I have room for you!)  Add in myself, Chef Heather and my helpers Abbey and Mariah and we've reached our count of 50 guests!  I want to thank everyone for inviting friends and relatives and filling up the camp.  Filling up the camp keeps my costs low which I can then pass along to all of you!!

Karen F
Bobbie F
Heather S
Leona W
Lureen V
Marie O
Sandy S
Brittani M
Tammy B
Lucy S
Kyndra L
Tina R
Stephanie B
Jill W
DoRena W
Bethany M
Jane C
Lori M
Sharleen E
Angel J
DeeAnne L
Karen G
Susanne N
Lori G
Stephanie M
Jennie B
Crystal W
Amy W
Tamara N
Julie D
Christina S
Marlene S
Jessica P
Kim N
Marla B
Monica C
Destiny P
Dana G
Krissy L

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