Monday, March 14, 2011


The count down is on!  Only four more days until the Spring Retreat!!  I AM SO READY TO SCRAPBOOK!

I will be leaving Minnesota on Thursday, March 17th and driving directly to Michigan.  If you need to contact me please do so before Thursday!

You can arrive at Camp Friedenswald at 2:00 pm on Friday, March 18th.  This year we will be in the Dining Hall for scrapbooking and the Guesthouses for lodging.  Just follow the signs and drive back to the main part of the camp.  Check in at the dining hall to receive your room assignments.

Supper on Friday evening will be at 6:00 pm.  IF YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO MAKE IT FOR SUPPER (Or any meal) PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!

Here is a list of meals for the rest of the weekend:
Brunch Saturday 10:30 am
Supper Saturday 5:30 pm
Light Breakfast Sunday 8:30 am
Lunch Sunday 12:30 pm

Things to bring:
Bed linens/sleeping bags/blankets
Towels/wash cloths
Personal Items
Scrapbooking Supplies
Personal Desk Light
Extension Cords

The camp will provide coffee, water and tea for drinks.  If you want REAL coffee or pop you will need to bring your own supplies for the weekend!!!  I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING DRINKS FOR THIS WEEKEND.  Sorry.

We will have use of the camp until 4:00 pm on Sunday evening.

Directions to the camp are located in a previous post.

I know I say this before every retreat but the best thing you can do before a retreat is to PREPARE.  Look through your photos, check your paper supplies and start dreaming about layouts!  It makes a huge difference in the amount of work you get done at the retreat if you can prepare ahead of time.  There's nothing more frustrating then sitting down to scrapbook and finding you are missing photos or that special piece of pink cardstock!!  So take an hour this week and prepare your scrapbooking stuff!!  A little planning now will save you time later.

I hope everyone has a safe trip and I'll see you on Friday!!

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